Dr. Robert B. Pamplin, Jr. – Resume

License and Designation

  1. In 1965 licensed by the National Association of Security Dealers and the New York Stock Exchange.
  2. Black belt in Kempo Karate.
  3. Green Belt in Korean Karate.
  4. Master Boxer United States Boxing, Inc. Registration Number 12 42433 37 (Trained by Leroy Durst, Multnomah Athletic Club and Molly McConnell, two-time World Champion)
  5. Ranked #1 70 year old Amateur Master Boxer in Lightweight Class in State of Oregon, McConnell Boxing Academy.

Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management

  1. Culinary Arts Diploma
  2. Richard Nelson Cooking Classes (350 hours)
  3. Trained in Private Lessons by Richard Nelson, Protégé of James Beard
  4. Cooking Methods, Culinary Technique, and Flavor Essentials Menu
  5. Food Preparation, and Artistry
  6. Culinary Practical
  7. Thesis Product

Enology and Viticulture Diploma

  1. Academy of Winemasters (40 hours)
  2. Trained in Private Lessons by Bert Harris, Harris Wine Cellars, LTD

Mixology and Beverage Service

Culinary Arts and Management Experience

  1. Restaurant Owner and Chairman (35 years)
  2. The Tontine – Continental Menu
  3. L’Ecurie – French Menu
  4. Speedy Linguine and Cafe Allegro – Italian Menu
  5. Bugatti’s – Italian Menu
  6. Enology and Viticulture Experience
  7. Winery Owner and Chairman
  8. Anne Amie Winery
  9. Pamplin Family Winery

Restaurant Management Experience (40 years)

  1. Dining Room Essentials
  2. Restaurant Service Practical and Training
  3. Restaurant Marketing
  4. Restaurant Accounting and Cost Management

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