Dr. Robert B. Pamplin, Jr. – Resume

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High School

Elected President of Decons Club.
Elected Secretary of Student Council.
Elected President of Senior Class.

A.A.U. Weightlifting, Olympic Lifts: 2nd Pacific Coast Championships, 3rd Northwest and Oregon State Championships, 1st Oregon State, 1st Multnomah Athletic Club. Member of the Multnomah Athletic Club Weightlifting Team in the 123 1/4 and 132 1/4 pound class. Set the Oregon State record in the military press. Best totals were 170 pounds in the military press, 145 pounds in the snatch, and 210 pounds in the clean and jerk. Ranked 5th in the nation.

Graduated with honors.

Virginia Tech

Awarded the gold medal for the rope climb and other athletic events in competition with the entire Corps of Cadets (freshmen through senior class.)

Selected for the elite freshman drill squad (Eager Squad) which finished second among all freshmen in the Corps of Cadets.

One of five freshmen in K Company selected to be promoted in rank.

Awarded a honorary B.S. degree in Business Administration, class of 1964.

Lewis & Clark College

Elected President of Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity.

Received the Distinguished and Exceptional Service
Citation from Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity.

Received the Student Achievement Award in Economics
from the Wall Street Journal as the outstanding
senior Economics Student.

Senior Research Project in Economics published and
recognized by the U. S. Treasury Department.

Athletic Letter, Varsity Athletics, Department of Physical Education and Athletics.

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