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Books Published

Five of the thirteen books published were reviewed. Only two books had a distribution of fewer than 10,000 copies. (At the time the books were published there were 50,000 to 60,000 books published each year. Of all the books published each year approximately 2,500 were reviewed. Whether a book was published in hardback or paperback, generally it would sell less than 3,000 copies.)

A Portrait of Oregon and A Portrait of Colorado were the first coffee table books to combine text, photographs, and paintings. In the books there were historically based stories, yet they were not history books. There were paintings and drawings to elaborate and complement the stories, yet they were not art books. There were photographs to illustrate and offer in sharp focus the present, where the art and text caught the mood of the past. The books for the first time brought together the pen, camera, and brush to achieve a distinct portrayal of Oregon and Colorado.

University of Portland – Small Business Institute

Small Business Administration, National Runner-up as Assistant Professor of the winning consulting team.

385 colleges and universities were in the SBI program with 8,000 cases presented in the program. Thirty-five cases went to the nationals with four runner-ups in the nation. Judges were from Business Week, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post.

Featured in National Publications (only a sampling)

– USA Today
– Forbes
– U.S. News & World Report
– Robb Report
– Investing Kiplinger’s
– Success
– Chronicle of Higher Education
– Business Reform
– The World Times
– New York Times
– Textile World
– Cotton Farmer
– The Times
– Bon Appetite
– Advanced Philanthropy

Have appeared in all significant local and state publications.

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