Most people think charity means writing a check. Businessman and philanthropist Robert Pamplin, Jr., argues that successful business people have more to bring to the table than simply money. Writing a check is not enough. Business skills are as valuable as money to a charity — and in many cases, more so.”

    ~ FORBES


A lithograph of the Mt. Vernon textile Mills and its adjacent housing for workers in Hampden, Baltimore City around 1860.

In 1982, R.B. Pamplin Corporation purchased Mount Vernon Mills . Since that time, as Chairman and CEO, Dr. Pamplin has overseen investment of more than $840 million in capital improvements, and grown revenues through enhanced internal operations and additional acquisitions. Sales have grown from $84 million in 1983 and are greater than $500 million today.

During the same period, Mount Vernon has kept a firm handle on manufacturing, selling, and administrative

costs, leading to arguably one of the strongest balance sheets in the textile industry.

In the United States, it is the second largest privately owned textile company.  The company was named a "Model Mill" by Textile World magazine in 1998. The company received an award for innovation from American Textile International, and Dr. Pamplin was named a "Top 10 Textile Leader" by Textile World.

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