He’s earned more degrees than any other living American.”



Dr. Robert B. Pamplin, Jr. - Resume

License and Designation

  • In 1965 licensed by the National Association of Security Dealers and the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Black belt in Kempo Karate.
  • Green Belt in Korean Karate.
  • Master Boxer United States Boxing, Inc. Registration Number 12 42433 37 (Trained by Leroy Durst, Multnomah Athletic Club and Molly McConnell, two-time World Champion)
  • Ranked #1 70 year old Amateur Master Boxer in Lightweight Class in State of Oregon, McConnell Boxing Academy.


Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management

  • Culinary Arts Diploma
  • Richard Nelson Cooking Classes (350 hours)
  • Trained in Private Lessons by Richard Nelson, Protégé of James Beard
  • Cooking Methods, Culinary Technique, and Flavor Essentials Menu,
  • Food Preparation, and Artistry
  • Culinary Practical
  • Thesis Product

Enology and Viticulture Diploma

  • Academy of Winemasters (40 hours)
  • Trained in Private Lessons by Bert Harris, Harris Wine Cellars, LTD

Mixology and Beverage Service

Culinary Arts and Management Experience

  • Restaurant Owner and Chairman (35 years)
  • The Tontine - Continental Menu
  • L'Ecurie - French Menu
  • Speedy Linguine and Cafe Allegro - Italian Menu
  • Bugatti's - Italian Menu
  • Enology and Viticulture Experience
  • Winery Owner and Chairman
  • Anne Amie Winery
  • Pamplin Family Winery

Restaurant Management Experience (40 years)

  • Dining Room Essentials
  • Restaurant Service Practical and Training
  • Restaurant Marketing
  • Restaurant Accounting and Cost Management



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