Most people think charity means writing a check. Businessman and philanthropist Robert Pamplin, Jr., argues that successful business people have more to bring to the table than simply money. Writing a check is not enough. Business skills are as valuable as money to a charity — and in many cases, more so.”

    ~ FORBES


Dr. Robert Pamplin, Jr., is a leading historical preservationist who has preserved and restored one of the nation’s major historic sites, Pamplin Park, relating to the Civil War. He has preserved important buildings and sites in Virginia and Oregon.

In addition, Dr. Pamplin has built and preserves a collection of over 100,000 pieces of art and history that represent 5,000 years of civilization in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Please see the links to PAMPLIN PARK AND THE MUSEUM OF THE CIVIL WAR SOLDIER  and  THE ROBERT B. AND MARILYN PAMPLIN INTERNATIONAL COLLECTION OF ART & HISTORY

Pamplin Historical Park is the largest commitment to historical safekeeping by a private family in America since the Rockefellers created Colonial Williamsburg."
- Sen. George Allen (Va.)



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